Commission Pricing

If you wish to contact me for commissions, email me at or contact me via Twitter PM’s at @ExecutorHaruko

On all commissions, highly detailed characters are subject to a 25% difficulty fee. I reserve the right to refuse a commission for any reason.


  • Detailed Backgrounds: Not available
  • Simple Backgrounds: Included in Lineart and Colored


Sketches will run $40 for one character. They are cleaned up and minimal detail. Additional characters are $20 per character.


Lineart will always be in black and white. They’re $60 and can include screen toning and contrast shading if desired. Additional characters are $30 per character.


This is my most popular option of commission. They’re $80 and include a simple background. Additional characters are $40 per character.


NSFW is a new option for potential clients. As of right now, I only offer this in sketch form and I will add to the availability as my skills progress. It’s an additional 25% on top of your total commission cost. All NSFW commissions will be posted on my 18+ Twitter.

NSFW clients MUST provide proof of being 18 or older. I am not responsible for repercussions if you lie about your age. Once proof of age is provided, I will link you to a portfolio of my current skill.