Terms and Conditions

Thank you for considering commissioning me.

Please read and understand these terms and conditions before you contact me for a commission.

Updated as of September 2, 2021


References must be visual. Written descriptions will not be considered for commissions. Give as much visual reference as you can. I will not waste time looking for your references.
Special circumstances will be considered for OC’s if you do not have a visual yet. Just provide as much detail as possible.

Do not haggle prices, whine, or be rude while contacting me. I will not hesitate to blacklist for any repeated offenses.

Please note that I work a full time job and may take extended periods to finish commissions. Full Time = 12 hour days, 5 days a week. I suffer from depression and sometimes will have periods of creative blocks from it. I apologize in advance, this cannot be helped.

Wills and Will Nots

I will draw:

  • Fanarts of humanoid characters
  • Original Characters
  • Couples/ships/otp
  • NSFW
  • Dragons and other mythical beasts

I will not, under any circumstances draw:

  • Mechs, giant robots, transformers, or gundams
  • Vore
  • Anthro (until I am comfortable drawing them)
  • Depictions of hate, real life political statements, or religious depictions
  • Pedophilia, bestiality


All commissions require a 50% down payment before I begin, and a 100% payment before you are given the finished product.

Payments will be issued via Paypal Invoice.

Changes to art can be made during the sketch and lineart phases. Once coloring begins, there will be a 25% adjustment fee.

Cancellations happen, we all live life. You can cancel your commission at any time in the sketch and lineart phase for a 100% refund. If the art is already in the flats/render phase, I will keep the 50% down payment as compensation for my time.
I will offer full refunds if I cannot complete your commission due to my own faults.
I am not responsible for any Paypal processing fees during the refund process.

Copyright Info

As the artist, I hold all copyright to the image and I reserve the right to:

  • Print copies of the art for sale at conventions or online stores. (OC’s are exempted from this)
  • Display the piece on my website and social media platforms. (You will be credited for original characters)
  • Create derivative pieces.
  • Use the commissioned piece for self promotion.

You may not make any profit from the art you commission, remove watermarks or signatures, or mass produce in any way. You may print the piece for display in your home or office. If you use the images on live streams (such as Twitch) please credit me on my website or twitter: https://twitter.com/ExecutorHaruko

I currently do not take commercial commissions.

Please realize these are my rights by US Copyright Law and any infractions can lead to a legal law suit of copyright infringement.